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What's New

Why Colour Groups?

Updated On August 21, 2016

Help, I′m in a colour group - what does it mean? First, relax. You′re still in Flare or Gleam and you′re still learning a set list with those groups to compete at nationals. However, you have ALSO been placed in a colour group: Green, Blue, White or Black. These groups will be learning separate numbers to fill out our year-end showcase. They also provide an opportunity for some of our senior flare members to work with older Gleam members and get a taste of some more difficult repertoire. With MSC continuing to gain popularity in the community, we get more and more requests to perform. These smaller ensembles will be perfect for these additional performances!

Gleeful 2016 Videos

Updated On August 9, 2016

Along with planning next year’s set, we’ve also been busy making the DVD of Gleeful 2016!  (Available for purchase this fall) For now, we’ve put a sample of ‘Lose Control’ up on YouTube - Enjoy!

Gleeful 2016

Updated On May 30, 2016

Gleeful 2016

Tickets are running low for MSC's final showcase of the year, Gleeful 2016! This year's performance features our two new competitive choirs, Flare and Gleam as well as special guests, "Youth Collective". It all goes down on June 11th at the John Elliott Theatre in Georgetown and it looks like it's going to be a sold out show. So get your tickets now through the theatre box office and we'll see you at Gleeful 2016!

"Perfect" by Gleam

Updated On May 30, 2016

Hey Gleam, we've posted a lyric sheet for "Perfect" (The song we wrote with Glenn Marais) on the practise page. Please have a look at who's singing which parts. You can also click 'audio' to hear a recording of Glenn singing it, just in case you forget how it goes, LOL. Be ready to record on Tuesday, June 7th!

Generations In Harmony

Updated On May 29, 2016

Generations In Harmony 2016

What a fantastic evening we had last Friday as invited guests of the Milton Song Spinners. "Generations In Harmony" was a wonderful celebration of how the language of music speaks across generations. MSC and Song Spinners joined together in favourites like, "I''d Like To Teach The World To Sing" and "From A Distance" in front of a sold out crowd at the Milton Seniors'' Activity Centre. Thanks again for having us, Song Spinners!!

Workshop With Glenn Marais

Updated On May 7, 2016

Gleeful 2016

What a fantastic workshop we're having with Juno-nominated songwriter, Glenn Marais. The members of Gleam have already created some pretty impressive lyrics. Stay tuned to find out if we can find our melody. We record on Tuesday!

This workshop was made possible through a generous grant from the Milton Community Fund.

Show Choir Canada High School Championships

Updated On April 17, 2016

Congratulations to MSC "Gleam" for their amazing performance at the 2016 Show Choir Canada National Championships!  The group won best choreography, best new choir, and first place in the Arts/Community division!  Another big congratulations goes to Elizabeth who won the Top Triple Threat Performer award!  Awesome job everyone!

Show Choir Canada - Junior/Middle School Championships

Updated On April 17, 2016

Congratulations to MSC "Flare" on their debut performance at the 2016 Show Choir Canada Junior Championships! It was beautiful - Outstanding job!